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ColorPage Growth Includes Investing in the Environment


ColorPage continues investing in the environment, working behind the scenes to become the most environmentally friendly, high volume print production facility in Ulster County and beyond.

Adding to a long list of Eco-friendly digital and offset printing practices, ColorPage has recently installed a state-of-the-art Agfa Graphic Azura chemistry-free plate-making system. The new Eco-friendly plating system has eliminated all developers and fixers from the plate production process and improved production throughput.

Long-time Production Manager at ColorPage, Randy Delanoy, explained, “We could not be happier with the installation of our new Agfa, chemistry free plate system.” The new computer to plate system is fast, improving plate production times by over 25% from the previous system.

“Our ability to get jobs on press quicker has allowed us to meet client demand for shorter deadlines. It’s been a win-win-win scenario for our clients, the environment and ColorPage and that’s a good feeling”, said Delanoy.

The new computer-to-plate system offers consistent and reliable production without compromises on press. It delivers razor-sharp image definition and holds up to 2%–98% screen tints at 200 lines per inch. During imaging, particles within the plate materials are fused together by a thermal laser. Physical processes then bond the images to plate substrates. Finally, a dedicated cleaning unit uses gum to finish the plates and clean un-fused areas, with absolutely no chemical processing involved. This creates a healthier work environment and annual savings of thousands of gallons of water, previously required.

In a continuous effort to promote environmentally responsible production practices, ColorPage uses recycled paper for more than 90% of its print projects, recycles its metal plates and recycles all paper waste from its printing process. The installation of energy efficient lighting throughout the building and the installation of water efficient appliances in all bathrooms has significantly cut costs and reduced ColorPage’s impact on the environment.