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Why You Should Make Custom Printed Calendars A Part Of Your Marketing Plan


Written by Dominique Barbagallo, Digital Marketing Specialist at ColorPage


It’s Calendar Season!

What’s that, you may ask?!

Well, Calendar Season is the time of year where many businesses, companies, and brands start putting effort into creating their very own custom printed calendars for the upcoming new year!

Perhaps, if you are a business, company, or brand who hasn’t invested in custom printed calendars, you might not understand why others do so. What’s the point? What will using custom printed calendars as promotional items do for your brand’s benefit? How much good could actually come from implementing them as part of your marketing plan? Well, I am so glad I could read your curious mind, because I am about to make custom printed calendars your next priority!

custom printed calendars

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The Importance of Brand Awareness

Business owners and organization leaders know just how essential awareness of their brand is. A brand defines an organization, figure, product or service line, the personality which is conveyed, and what the audience brand awareness megaphonecan expect and assume about it all. A brand encompasses your culture and perceived value of what is being offered, to whom and where it is offered. It is not enough to define who you are as an organization—reminding your audience of your brand creates “top-of-the-mind awareness”, which enables your audience to immediately think of your brand when they think of the services or products you offer. To initiate and enforce the desired perception of your brand, you must constantly and consistently implement brand awareness wherever you can. So, once you’ve got your brand down—who you are, what your offer, what you want to be known for—you’ve got to have ways to place your brand in the minds of your audience on a consistent basis….that’s where custom printed calendars shine: once you hang them up or place them on a desk, they stay there year-round for all to see.


Calendars Are Used Every Day, All Year Round, & By Most

Think about all the offices and conference rooms that have custom calendars hanging on the wall or displayed on top of one’s desk. Now think about your brand on that calendar for all to see, especially the customer that you gave it to. Can you think of a better daily reminder of your brand? Especially in a chaotic and unorganized world, we all utilize calendars on a daily basis! Even if it’s just to check what day it is, we all need them in our lives. In fact, studies conducted by PPAI & The Calendar Advertising Council show that 78% of consumers still use a printed calendar at home or work. Creating custom printed calendars tailored to your brand is just the perfect way to spread your name far and wide, and keep it in the minds’ of anyone on a consistent basis. Calendars are an incredible and affordable way to reach out to new potential customers and clients, as well as gaining returning customers and reinforcing your brand, products, and services. The best part is that your calendar will be promoting your brand, flipping through calendarproducts, and services 365 days a year, without even trying. No matter the industry you’re in or the audience you’re targeting, calendars are appreciated and useful. Think about how many times a day the average person consults the calendar in their home or office. With your company’s name, logo, and contact information prominently on every page, the user is seeing it every time they glance at their calendar. A fair share of people find much value in printed calendars that they can write on, or hang up in their house or office. Additional surveys conducted by PPAI found that 80% of consumers used their wall calendar every single day, compared to only 32% who used their computer calendar every day. Studies also show over 50% of consumers have never even used the calendar function on their phone! Calendars in one’s home or office not only reminds the person who uses it of your brand, but introduces and reminds the people who come to that house or that office of your brand as well. Well-done, calendar.



Getting the Most Out of Custom Calendars

We live in a very visual world. Just look at the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. Pictures speak louder than words much of the time, and a custom calendar can serve as a highly effective visual piece of your marketing collateral. If desired, a business could take each month to showcase the products or services they offer – How often do you hear something like, “I didn’t know you did that!”? You can also highlight the people that work at your company with great pictures of them, highlight the community you and your company serves, or showcase any volunteer work your staff or company participates in. All of these things convey a personality and likability the brand wishes to achieve or reinforce, as well as intriguing customers or prospects to purchase your products or services.

Calendars are also a great way to pique interest for those who aren’t yet customers, and inspire current customers to keep coming back, strengthening your brand further. Engage prospects and customers by running specials, announcements, and promotions on specific days. Additionally, monthly specials are a great way to drive traffic to your website. These simple additions will bring more attention to your company and improve the value of the calendar for your customer. My, my, these custom calendars are little paper geniuses, don’t you agree?

custom calendars


Wrapping It Up

By now, it is easy to see how custom promotional calendars are great gifts to hand out to customers, event attendees, and every prospect. ColorPage makes the process of designing printed custom promotional calendars easy and affordable. Given the long-lasting and consistent advertising these promotional gifts do for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day—they practically pay for themselves!

And, it doesn’t stop there—many people don’t only have one calendar, but several! One for their desk, their office wall, their kitchen, their bedroom—you name it! This surrounds the individuals with your brand, products, and services in even more places than one. Give the gift of organization to your audience with custom printed calendars that you’ll only ever have to make once a year! Imagine comparing the cost of trying to show an ad online or in a publication every single day of the year—that would be quite an investment.

giving a gift

It’s not only a great gift for the audience, but it’s also the gift of affordable marketing for your business. When going about this promotional item, try giving your brand or organization’s calendar an even greater personal or localized touch for the individuals receiving them. Tailor the calendar to give a truly meaningful and free (and I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff, right?) gift to the people you’re targeting, and in the area you’re targeting them. Pretty soon, you’ll be having people coming back to your business and asking, “when will next year’s calendar be available?”