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pURL Tracking

PURLs Precision Response Tracking & PURLs Reporting

ColorPage gives a unique pURL for every prospect. This allows us to precisely track and measure each campaign’s effectiveness. For example, we’ll know specifically who visited your URL, and who did not, so that you may follow-up with an appropriate message in order to move your prospects closer to a sale.

pURLS can have a large impact on your marketing. Without pURLs, there is no way to determine who already responded to your message, but have yet to take your desired action.

With pURLs, you’ll have this data because you’ll be tracking each unique URL, allowing you to match it to your prospect list. So, you can always follow-up with different messages based on whether or not your prospect has already visited your website, and if and how they engage with it.


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Tracking with pURLS

  • Downloadable pURL records with addresses in .CSV format for printers
  • Integrated Autoresponder Emails
  • Click Tracking: alerts & detailed reports on activity
  • Detailed Campaign Analytics to track and to measure direct mail responses & actions
  • Reporting API for integration into Google Analytics


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