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Copy Writing

Your One-Stop Solution for Effective Business Writing

With the emergence of the Internet, clear copy writing has become more important, as well as harder to find. At ColorPage, we write content that stands out through its precision and which improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By shaping what you want to say with an eye on clarity, we can help you get noticed on the web. And, in this market, that is optimal to attract new business. The online retail industry has grown by 15% year-over-year with it’s ability to offer benefits in time and in cost to customers–you don’t want to be left out of this market.

Our writers are industry professionals that know how to convey a precise, powerful message to a targeted audience. They speak in writing with fluency and clarity, while also relaying vital information to your customers–current or potential. This ability to connect with your reader empowers them with the knowledge to take action, with the confidence that you are an industry expert.

Channels of Expertise

Our expert writers know how to be heard, because we listen. For example, we know the latest eye-tracking studies about how people take in the written information on the web.  Through experience, too, we have observed customer response to writing in many mediums.  Our knowledge extends to:

  • Web Content
  • Marketing Material
  • Press Releases
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Research Articles
  • Business Presentations
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Direct Mail


The brief immediacy of web content is not the same as the technical polish of white papers.  The personal pitch of direct mail, likewise, should not have the objective tone of a case study.  ColorPage can reach all of your potential customers using just the right style and approach.

Speaking Above the Chatter

The proliferation of marketing copy on the Internet has convinced many writers that they must shout to be heard.  At ColorPage, our writing gets results because we focus on who’s important: you and your potential customer.   We can convey a unified message across many channels, in a way your customers are likely to hear.  Let us craft your writing so that your words get the attention – and response – your business deserves.

Meet the Writers

Frank Campagna
Marketing and Advertising Copywriter

Content marketing is here to stay: consumers are doing their research before making purchasing decisions, so writing copy that can attract, retain, and inform the reader has become a necessity for every organization. I write with purpose, and my passion to improve readership expands beyond ‘catchy headlines’. I enjoy the research and engaging the reader with a persuasive, informative style.


Arlene Wege
Writer, Researcher, Journalist

My writing career began in 1985, in New York City, writing for the magazine Film Journal International. Since I moved from New York City to the Hudson Valley, I have been writing for About Town magazine, The Observer newspaper, and Focus, a weekend cultural section of The Poughkeepsie Journal. I have written about a wide variety of subjects, and am open to challenges. I feel that my work and personal experience in numerous fields (theater, art, fundraising, travel, administration, catering) has been extremely beneficial in giving me an excellent, objective perspective of whatever assignment I am given.


Dominique Barbagallo
Marketing & Advertising Creative Copywriter, Editor, Researcher

Ever since her school-aged days, Dominique has had a knack for creative writing, coupled with a firm grasp of the written English language. From writing long, research-oriented History papers, to constructing persuasive advertising copy, Dominique’s energy and voice comes alive in her writing and is sure to engage the targeted audience–and beyond! In terms of writing, Dominique is a chameleon: she can effectively write for a wide-range of purposes and audiences, all while keeping readers engaged with her spirited writing voice.

“I always make sure I am doing my research before writing something in order to truly get the creative juices flowing and to back up my writing with credibility. However, sometimes the best writing comes to me naturally, and rather quickly. Of course, I won’t publish anything until I’ve gone over it again and again to make sure it’s absolutely perfect–but it is arguably the best feeling to start writing one great thing, and then all-of-a-sudden, out of nowhere, to have these magnificent ideas and words come rushing out through your hands all over the paper or the keyboard.”

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