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Make A Profit – Sell Every Book!

Self-publishing is a great avenue for many authors, and ColorPage would like to help you make that process brilliant! Colorpage is unlike any other printer you will ever use. Why you ask? Our sales team will advise you to only print the quantity of books that you know you will sell or distribute in a very short time, instead of investing large quantities to try and reduce your unit cost.

Short-Run Press Runs Are Where We Are Most Competitive!

Be careful when buying in large quantities to reduce your unit costs on books! It has been proven that at least 25% of the books purchased become out of date while in storage, if book sales weren’t what was expected, if the books just sit in your closet, or if they end up on simply remaining on the shelves. This 25% is a direct cost to your unit price. Our Ultra Short-Run Book Printing allows you to maintain a very reasonable unit cost so that you can realize a profit by selling all of the books you print with us. The other benefit of Ultra Short Runs is the editing and revision capabilities. Don’t tie-up large amounts of cash in book inventories that are out of date! Get updated information to your clients “On-Demand.”

Don’t Over-Order…Every Book Can Be A Prosperous One.

We do not insist on fixed sizes, papers, or inks for your publications. Colorpage can create unique customer publications in short-runs, at affordable prices.

Our two methods of printing, digital printing, and conventional offset makes us especially efficient in the Ultra Short-Run book printing process.

Why Self-Publish Your Book?

The tools available for self-publishing are now better than ever! If you want to have complete freedom over the way your book looks, it has never been easier. More and more people are looking to self-publishing to get their book in front of readers–from novelists to textbook writers, and everyone in between.

Why Not Get A Publishing Company To Publish Your Book?

A number of changes in the publishing industry over the past ten years have meant that, although more titles are being published, there are actually fewer opportunities for new authors to get a publishing contract.

Publishers’ margins on books having decreased considerably. There are now fewer major publishing houses in existence than there used to be. Those that do exist have focused more on publishing books which have a proven track record, or have a celebrity name attached to them, so that they can guarantee a certain number of sales.

This leaves new authors in a difficult position in relation to these ‘traditional publishers’ and, increasingly, self-publishing is becoming the best opportunity to get your books read. With self-publishing, you can become an agent of your own success!

Whichever path you choose (and there is no reason why you can’t start doing both and see how it goes) it is important to go in with your eyes wide-open. Publishing and selling books are very competitive fields, and all of the potential avenues have their own advantages and disadvantages. Spend a good amount of time weighing out the options, so that you can find a route which is best for you.

If self-publishing is the path you choose, we can help. To get started, click here and learn more about book printing. You can also use our instant quote tool, here.

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