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Event Marketing

Promoting Your Event

Events are a powerful means to capitalize on quality face-to-face time with customers, prospects, and business partners. When conducting event marketing, we believe in creating events within an event. We try to create an event within an event in which we can touch a consumer one-on-one, where we can engage directly, and where we can teach them about your product, and we do so by interacting in a quality way. Event marketing or, a marketing-based event, is an investment in your company’s brand, client relationships, and future sales.

Regardless of the nature of your event, its success will largely depend on promotion. Promotion is vital in creating awareness of the event, a desire to participate, and a feeling by the potential participant that the investment of time and money validates the benefits the event offers.

If you are considering an event, contact us, so we can provide you insight into the latest trends in event marketing.


Precast Solutions for Bridge Construction – Kingston, NY

Promoted by ColorPage


ColorPage was approached by LHV Precast to assist them in the development and marketing of a Precast Component Bridge Event. The purpose of this event was to generate leads and strengthen relationships with existing and prospective engineers whom typically do the specifying of bridge building components.

We set the goal high at 50-75 attendees for the event. But, more realistically, the client was expecting no more than 50 attendees. The strategy deployed involved putting a tremendous effort in building a highly-targeted mail and email list of civil engineers and related professionals. Once complete, a multi-touch point direct mail, email, customer service promotional telemarketing, and web campaign repetitively reminded targeted recipients of the event. The plan also called for provision to offer recipients five options for easy pre-registration (mail, fax, email, website, and telephone).

In the end, LHV had a whopping 92 professional attendees that filled the conference event tables.

The contacts made from the results of this successful event will soon convert to higher sales for LHV Precast. During the planning stages of this event, the advice and guidance you provided as to how to get our target audience was accurate and perceptive.” ~Adam Baker of LHV Precast

Herzogs Home & Paint Centers, Ladies Night – Kingston NY

Promoted and Managed by ColorPage

The Herzog’s Home and Paint Centers hold their annual “Ladies Night” event in November each year. ColorPage worked with Herzog’s marketing department to add more excitement to the event. The goal was to increase transactions from the previous year and to collect shopper contact information–especially emails. Knowing shoppers love a chance to win prizes, ColorPage suggested a fun game that store visitors could play. ColorPage worked with one of the local radio station personalities to host and mingle with the shoppers during the game event. “When we announced that every player would win something, the ladies were lined up across the store to play”, mentioned Frank Campagna, Marketing Consultant for ColorPage. All-in-all, the night was a big success: transactions were increased by a whopping 17%!  Herzog’s Marketing Director stated, “Great night!!  Adding the game really helped to make the evening more exciting for shoppers. We truly delivered the meaning of “Shopping Local” and what a different experience it can be from the national chains.”

The event was promoted using Web, Facebook, email, direct mail, and local newspaper publications and two of the most popular local radio stations.


Local Community Bank Hosts Event on Hudson River

Promoted and Managed by ColorPage

Relationship Banking is a top-priority for community banks. To expand beyond traditional hum-drum banking events, ColorPage suggested that the bank hold an event within an event. The purpose of the event was three-fold: strengthen relationships with clients, create opportunities for business with prospective clients, and further support community not-for-profits. The invitation-only event was held at the Hudson River Maritime. Nationally known speaker, Skip Weisman, delivered a powerful presentation on workplace communication. Guests were later escorted to the famous Clearwater sailing vessel, where they participated in team-building sailing exercises, and sailed together to a wonderful sunset on the Hudson River. Guests of the event were so grateful for the experience, they made it a point to call and thank the executive team at the Bank.

The event was promoted using web and direct mail and follow-up. PR was carried out by ColorPage using print, direct mail, and photo-gifts of the event.


Kosco Energy Event – Hudson Valley, NY

Promoted and Managed by ColorPage

Kosco is a regional leading home-heating and comfort company, headquartered in Saugerties, NY. One of Kosco’s strengths is it’s responsive full-service product offerings to homeowners. With the rise in heating fuel prices and in consumer demand for greener solutions, ColorPage suggested holding an “Green Energy Event” to its long-time client. ColorPage worked with Kosco and its vendors to create an outdoor “educational” trade-show event. Homeowners met the manufacturers of the highly-efficient heating and home comfort equipment. Seminars were held indoors, while equipment vendors displayed and demonstrated their products under an event tent outdoors. The event proved to be a great success, with hundreds of homeowners attending. The Kosco sales staff generated plenty of leads and strengthened their relationships with existing customers.

The event was promoted using web, email, direct mail invitations, and local newspapers. Publicity was built with call-in’s to the local radio stations, where the event would be a topic of discussion.


Artbook Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion – New York City

Promoted and Managed by ColorPage

Art Book Fair is an annual event which celebrates the best of international contemporary art publishing. The ColorPage marketing team was selected as the show manager and event promoter. ColorPage solicited the publishers, selected the NYC Metropolitan Pavillion for the venue, created the booth design, and managed registration. Over 600 book buyers from more than 15 countries attended the event to meet and review the world’s top art book publishers. The event was a huge success and eventually sold to a London UK based company.

The event was promoted using web, email, direct mail, and major publications including Publishers Weekly, New York Times, Art Forum.

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