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The Power of Color

Color Captures Attention, Enhances Productivity, Improves Communications, and Helps Boost Sales.

Color makes an impression that’s 39% more memorable. Collateral and direct mail have a bigger impact if they’re in color.


Capture Attention

  • Colored items increases readers’ attention spans, retention, and recall by 82%! Safety notices, warnings, and vital technical information are more likely to be remembered if they stand out in color. That can really help decrease costly and time-consuming errors throughout your company.

Enhance Productivity

  • Colored items search time by as much as 80%! Contracts, insurance policies, and other lengthy documents can be made more understandable by highlighting the important information with color. Customers will spend less time tying up your customer service representatives with confusing questions, increasing your operation’s overall efficiency.
  • Information can be located 70% faster when colored! Executives have little time as it is–speeding up the time it takes to locate and understand important information can significantly improve your company’s efficiency. For example, the 1.5 hours an executive spends reading black-and-white documents every week, can be cut to a 0.5 hour by using colors. That means less non-essential time, and more billable time.

Improve Communication

  • Colors increase comprehension by as much as 73%! Your prospects and potential customers can understand your message faster and more clearly. That speeds sales presentations and makes the whole process run more effectively.
  • Colors can boost survey participation by 80%! Low response on customer satisfaction surveys can be dramatically improved, and repeat mailings made unnecessary, by using colors to grab attention.

Boost Sales

  • Colors help sell up to 80% more! Collateral materials, sales brochures, and other consumer communications can help generate more sales, with the application of color.
  • Colors can improve brand recognition by up to 80%! Local retailers, realtors, consultants, and others can cut through the clutter with the help of color. Improved brand recognition can lead to increased sales.


Sources: Loyola College, Maryland, USA; Case & Company Management Consultants; Bureau of Advertising, Color in Newspaper Advertising; Maritz Motivation, Inc. Southern Illinois

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