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Campaign & Advertising Plans

The most successful campaign relies on research and data segmented into prospect groups with common needs. As a result, you are presented with highly relevant and valued information.

“Love Your Colors” Campaign

Consumer Promotion
Spring is the season that inspires new paint projects. ColorPage developed a robust retail promotion that was designed to drive traffic (primarily women ages 25-60) to Herzog’s Paint store. A number of tactics were used, including direct mail, in-store signage, billboards, radio, print ads, web ads, website updates, as well as email marketing.


The promotion included a free one pint paint or stain color sample giveaway. Available via coupon only, these promotions would drive traffic to both Herzog’s websites and also to Herzog’s locations.

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Direct Mail


Print Ads

Web Ads


Email Blast

Love Your Colors Event Game:

10 Key Campaign Planning Stages by ColorPage

Campaign Objectives

  • Establishing the objective of the campaign is a key component in the preparation and planning of each campaign. Campaign objectives are aligned with company goals and must also be measurable.
  • Risk assessment is an area to be considered during various stages of campaign development. Consideration of risks requires you to think about what the adverse consequences could be as a result of the advertising. You also should consider what the factors could be which may limit the success of your campaign. Examples of advertising risks may be:
    • Offending your target audience.
    • How you word your advertising copy: Are you promising something that isn’t true?
    • Defamation of another product, service, or person(s).
    • Using someone else’s idea (even if you thought it was your own).
    • Invasion of privacy: are you using someone’s personal information without permission?

The list can go on and on.

Target Audience

  • Understanding the campaign target audience is key in developing effective campaign strategies. Our research and consultation with your internal and external stakeholders will contribute to defining the personas of the advertising target audience. It will also contribute to developing the best customer data mailing list, or database, based on elements an advertiser needs to consider, such as:
    • key demographics
    • characteristics
    • hobbies & interests
    • values
    • lifestyles, etc.
  • To maximize the success of your objectives, targeting multiple audiences with unique, relevant information as well as special offers is proven to increase response rates. This process is known as Variable Data Personalization (VDP).

Campaign Research

  • Research will play a significant role in the decision to commence a campaign. It will also help to identify issues or opportunities to be addressed. ColorPage’s research is strengthened over time as learned behaviors and experiences from past campaigns are factored into the rationale and approach for future campaigns. Our experience has led us to become quite the experts in campaigning.

Campaign Strategy

  • Campaign strategies deployed by ColorPage each carefully consider it all. We consider everything from understanding your target market and your competitive position in that market, to how we intend to reach that market (our cross-media tactics) and differentiate your business from your competition, in order to make a sale. The development of an advertising plan budget is a component of every campaign we develop. Essentially, the advertising budget will outline the costs of how we are going to achieve your marketing goals within a certain time-frame.

Risk Assessment

  • The benefit of identifying possible risks associated with a campaign during planning and early development is that it allows us–where possible–to put in place plans in order to lessen or eliminate the risk.
  • Example:
    • Risk: Sales staff insufficiently trained to support campaign
    • Solution: Deploy a training program to sales staff

Campaign Timelines

  • The timeline is a vital part of the campaign plan. Initially, timelines are approximated. However, when the dates are confirmed or the timeline changes, ColorPage oversees that the media and the internal and external marketing team is coordinated as well as responsive to the final timelines.
  • The ColorPage marketing team has many things to consider in setting realistic campaign time-frames. The scale of advertising is also typically a major influence on how much time will be allowed for getting content, revisions, approvals, and for meeting media deadlines. Allowing the time to plan properly and thoroughly will lead to a more effective end-result. The Sample Timeline provides an overview with indicative time-frames for many key components of our advertising plan.

Campaign Budget and ROI (Return On Investment)

  • The development of an advertising plan budget is another component of every campaign we develop. Essentially, the advertising budget will outline the costs of how we are going to achieve your marketing goals within a certain time-frame. The Sample Advertising Budget will provide a view of a simplified budget, used for discussion and campaign assessment purposes.

Advertising and Media Plan

  • Choosing which media or type of advertising tactics to deploy requires a lot of experience. This is especially true when smaller advertising budgets are involved. ColorPage identifies the right media solution by formulating integrated marketing strategies and leveraging it’s large in-house production capability and media buying power in order to gain greater audience attention for every client.
  • Certain schedules work best with different media. For example, the rule of thumb is that a print ad must run three times before it gets noticed. Radio advertising is most effective when run at certain times of the day or around certain programs, depending on what market you’re trying to reach.

Campaign Implementation

  • Once the proofing and review process has been completed, and final approval has been received on the campaign and advertising plan, ColorPage immediately begins the creative production, media bookings, as well as all other aspects of the advertising. The ColorPage marketing team keeps in constant contact with all parties involved, in order to make sure that everyone is aware of their role and responsibilities to get the campaign to execute successfully.

Campaign Monitoring and Evaluation

  • ColorPage does not insist on specific requirements in relation to evaluation methodology. Instead, we suggest evaluation methods that are relevant, cost-effective, and meaningful for what we are trying to achieve and for  the methods used. Evaluation costs are included as part of the total budget for the campaign. Where possible, internal data sources should also be captured.
  • Examples of data sources may include:
    • Website statistics, including: page views, collateral downloads, as well as search engine rankings. Online research is a cost-effective method of gathering campaign evaluation information.
    • Communication, such as: phone calls, emails, customer inquiries, etc.
    • Qualitative data from stakeholders involved.
    • Monitoring of social media comments or discussions about the campaign.


Branding & Re-Branding -

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, or organization. A brand is an identifiable entity that makes some specific promise of value. An effective brand strategy should create an emotional attachment to products and companies, ultimately creating loyal customers.

For details & pricing contact Frank Campagna at 800-836-7581.

Integrated Marketing Integrated Marketing Strategy - We Can Help Improve Response Rates and Grow Your Sales Taking an integrated marketing approach means communicating your brand, idea, More...
Media Buying -

Purchasing media isn’t just about the buy. Done right, media buying requires a skill set that involves creativity, marketing know how and relationship management.  ColorPage has  dedicated media buyers that go the extra mile to make sure your goals match the advertising plan and our media buying. Our Long term relationships with media reps will assure you the greatest exposure for your media budget.

For details & pricing contact Frank Campagna at 800-836-7581.

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