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Variable Data Printing (VDP)

The Secret Role Variable Data Printing Plays on Higher Response Rates

Personalized, Variable Data Printing, or Fusion printing, has an explosive power to generate response rates up to 10 times higher than traditional static direct mail.

The secret behind the effectiveness of personalized VDP direct marketing is that the personalized pieces not only captures attention, but also delivers relevant content and offers to each unique recipient.

Our New, Variable Data Printing Technology for Direct Mail and Email Marketing Allows You to Personalize Your Message Far Beyond a Simple “Dear [Name],” and is Proven to Increase Your Return on Investment.

Instead of mass-producing 10,000 copies of a single “static” document and delivering that single message to 10,000 customers, Variable Data Printing is a digital process that enables virtually unlimited customization of the text and images on each document. With this, every recipient receives a personal, more relevant message.

Benefits of VDP Marketing:

A Direct Marketing Campaign including VDP will prove to:

  • Grab and Hold Reader Attention
  • Improve Average Order Sizes
  • Reduce Cost Per Response
  • Increase Loyalty and Repeat Business


Personalized, Variable Data Printing provides:

  • Higher Relevancy
  • Increased Readership
  • Improved Response Rates
  • Higher Sales
  • Strengthened Loyalty

With image personalization, we can take your Variable Data Printing direct marketing campaign beyond imagination.
Whether embedding text within images, or images within images, we have the power to build effective, purposeful, communications that drive recipients to read, react, and respond.


Click image on the left to toggle VDP Image Personalization examples:

Image Personalization Templates
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