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Cover Design

Effective and Custom Cover Design with ColorPage

The saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, because naturally and inevitably, it is human nature to do so. This is why high-quality cover design is so crucial. The book’s cover design is the single biggest reason for impulse purchasing of books. A great book cover will draw attention to your book, thereby increasing your chances for a sale. A well-designed book cover will stimulate visual interest, and give the potential reader an idea of the content and personality of the book. We suggest you speak with one of our professional designers about the cover of your book.

Can I create my own cover design?

Unless gifted in design work, you should consider working with a professional to have the book’s cover done, to ensure an attractive book that will catch the reader’s attention. Our experienced design team is especially adept at creating attractive custom cover designs from sources such as a book’s title, a book’s subject, a rough sketch, an idea, or a theme.

How important is color to the cover design?

Color is almost always the key to good cover design, and can add to the effectiveness of any printed message. Good cover designs can be created using one or more colors. The four-color process allows the widest spectrum of design, but is very costly and not always necessary. Effective use of spot color, normally black and another color, can allow for a complex cover design with minimal amount of cost.

What information should be incorporated into the cover design?

The front cover should incorporate all of the following:

  • Book’s Title
  • Subtitle (Should be Descriptive)
  • Name of the Author


It can also include:

  • Forward by (Someone of Importance)
  • Photograph, Artwork, or Illustration


The back cover usually incorporates one or more of the following:

  • Short Description of the Book
  • Author’s Qualifications on Subject (No More Than 3 or 4 Sentences)
  • Author’s Photo
  • Testimonials/Endorsements
  • Publisher’s Name and Address
  • Credits for Cover Design, Photos, Artwork, Illustrations
  • ISBN & Bar Code
  • Retail Price
  • Book Category (Fiction, History, etc.)
  • A Photograph, Artwork or Illustration


The spine usually incorporates all of the following:

  • Book’s Title
  • Name of Author (Last Name is Usually Sufficient)
  • Publisher’s Name and/or Logo


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