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Book Printing

Why Use ColorPage for Your Book Printing?

When it comes to book printing, we do not insist on a fixed quantity or a standard book size, papers, or inks for your publications. We can create unique publications in short-runs, at affordable prices.

Our Price:

Compare our short-run (50 to1000) on-demand book printing prices.

Use our instant, online book price wizard for your next project. Compare our instant online pricing against other prices you receive and save $$$ with us!

Our Quality:

Our strength lies in our ability to digitally produce your book with a quality that is better than other digital process and traditional offset printing.

Unlike the typical toner/fuser digital processes that flake and are unable to produce quality photos and screens, and unlike the inconsistent quality of traditional offset printing, our “Copy Press” digital print process will produce quality photos and screens, and consistent copy quality for every page of your book. Put us through the test and send us your manuscript for a SAMPLE PROOF COPY!

Our Short-Run Press Runs:

We are most competitive doing short-run press runs. At least 25% of printed books become out of date while in storage or on shelves. This is a direct cost to your unit price. Why tie-up large amounts of cash in book inventories that are out of date? Get updated information to your clients “On-Demand” by using our ultra short-run book printing service. By utilizing our ultra short-run press runs, you can realize a profit by selling ALL of the books you print with us, and still maintain a reasonable unit cost without having to buy in large quantities.

Binding Type

Quantity Range

Binding Type

Quantity Range

Perfect Bound (soft cover)

1 to 5,000

Plastic Coil

1 to 5,000

Plastic Comb (GBC)

1 to 5,000

Loose Leaf

1 to 10,000

Wire Bound

1 to 5,000

Saddle Stitch

1 to 30,000

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