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Email and pURL Campaigns

Typically, a personalized URL is printed on a direct mail piece or embedded as a link in an email communication. A personalized URL is a web address that usually includes the recipient’s name ( This personalized URL or web address takes the recipient to a personalized web microsite related to the offer or call-to-action included in the original piece. It often begins with a welcome and personalized survey page. The purpose of the survey page can be to validate existing customer information and/or seek additional information about the recipient, with a goal of making future communications even more customized and personalized. This technique also links the print campaign to the web, where responses can be monitored and tracked in real-time. In addition, it allows the marketer to take immediate action once a recipient responds. pURL campaigns are a way of integrating direct mail with email, giving the customer a unique and personalized experience, and increasing interactions, conversions, and retention.

Example pURL campaign

Personalized Promotional Piece
Personalized direct mail communications that speak directly to the unique needs of each prospect.
Personalized Landing Page / Microsite
Tailored web pages that are designed to create a distinct user experience for each user.
Real-time Lead Qualification
Immediate notifications of website visits and click-throughs. Detailed tracking statistical breakdowns.
Automated Response Followup
Responses are captured, qualified and replied to with greater relevance using email, print and direct sales. Resulting in higher percentage of sales.


For example, exiting the personalized microsite might generate an automatic thank-you email or follow-on direct mailer. It can also spawn an email alert to a sales representative or call center, allowing them to respond immediately to the recipient’s interest in the call-to-action with a phone call, email, or visit. Finally, any new information generated as a result of this transaction—including the response and any new information or data acquired about the recipient—can be folded back into the customer database in order to help in the marketer’s effort to build a 360-degree view of each individual customer.


  • Create a unique online response experience using personalized URLs, built into direct mail or email, with microsites for VDP marketing campaigns that provide meaningful communication, and inspire action.
  • Personal URLs increase response rates and provide an easy method of tracking the results of direct mail campaigns. Email notifications of click-throughs and microsite activities are instantly delivered to give the sales and marketing teams the edge they need to close the deal.
  • Precisely reflects corporate and campaign branding.

Features–ColorPage Can:

  • Create personalized URLs for each recipient in a VDP campaign
  • Develop personalized microsites for each unique customer
  • Collect data from each customer through the use of microsite surveys, and delete selected responses from a campaign, as necessary for the most accurate reporting
  • Alert sales and marketing of response data in real-time with campaign activity notifications
  • Provide detailed reporting functionality for campaign response data
  • Export lists in CSV or XLS format to avoid the size limitations of the XLS format and Excel’s cutoff point of 65,000 data records
  • Implement multilingual personalized URL support to avoid browser support limitations, assure special/foreign character data is properly maintained, and confirm valid personalized URLs are generated from the data
  • Configure additional user types to receive notifications and allow the administrator to set response notifications based on either first-response or click-throughs for each personalized URL

Click Here to download our pURL Primer

How pURLs Precisely Track Response

ColorPage gives a unique PURL for every prospect. This allows us to precisely track and measure each campaign’s effectiveness. For example, we’ll know specifically who visited your URL, and who did not, so that you can follow-up with an appropriate message in order to move your prospects closer to a sale.

PURLS can have a large impact on your marketing. Without PURLs, there is no way to determine who already responded to your message, yet didn’t take your desired action.

With PURLs, you’ll have this data because you’re tracking each unique URL and you can match that to your prospect list. So you can always follow-up with different messages based on whether or not your prospect has already visited your website, and how they are engaging with it.

Tracking with pURLs

  • Downloadable pURL records with addresses in .CSV format for printers
  • Integrated Auto-Responder Emails
  • Click Tracking – with alerts & detailed reports on activity
  • Detailed Campaign Analytics to track and measure direct mail responses & actions
  • Reporting API for integration into Google Analytics

QR code (Quick Response Code)

QR–or quick response–codes have been growing in advertising use for good reason. They have a relatively small footprint and are easy to notice and implement. Found on everything from packaging to direct mail, QR codes can send text messages, redirect to a URL, or pURL, display some text, offer coupons, and create an interactive experience for your customers.

Here are some simple instructions to get a QR code reader:
1. You must first have a web-enabled smart phone (one that can access the internet and has a camera function)
2. Go to your phone’s app store and search for “QR” or “QR readers.” Depending on your phone, there are a number of good ones. Look for the star ratings and read the reviews to decide which one is best for your phone.

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