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Classroom Authors

Classroom Authors is a software-as-a-service company, created by Frank Campagna and a group of talented programming partners. The unique web application has taken three years to develop, and it utilizes proprietary software to deliver the world’s most powerful web-2-print book publishing system known today.

Interested in learning how your organization can benefit from our web-based book publishing technology? Contact Frank Campagna at 800-836-7581, ext. 11


Classroom Authors® provides teachers and students with web-based tools to write, design, and ultimately publish professionally-printed books that integrate text and images.The web-based application is the most advanced online collaborative book publishing system available. It has been designed for today’s educational environment, allowing students to work together, collaborating from multiple computers.

Free for Every Classroom

Free from up-front costs to the school, any teacher can use the intuitive book creation tools at their convenience. Regardless of previous experience, teachers and students can easily master all of the tools to create a book. The “open”, non-sequential workflow allows books to be managed and created without the restrictions of having to follow a step-by- step process. When completed, students have the option of purchasing the books individually or in bulk at a discount. Schools can choose to sell the books as a fundraiser so students can experience the entire publishing process.


Of particular significance, ClassroomAuthors® addresses the nation’s need to improve student writing and reading skills. When collaborative publishing is adopted into a classroom’s curriculum, students apply more effort to their writing. Recognizing that their work will be published and read by peers and the community, students sense their thoughts can make a difference. Research has shown that “not only does publishing encourage students to write by creating purpose and vision, but it also serves to improve writing skills” (Ensio & Boxeth, 2000).

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