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Integrated Marketing Strategy

We Can Help Improve Response Rates and Grow Your Sales

Taking an integrated marketing approach means communicating your brand, idea, or offer from message to message, and medium to medium. It requires not only the creative development of a compelling, powerful, unified strategy–but the discipline and commitment to effectively add it into every aspect of your organization from advertising to sales, customer service to accounting, and from affiliates to suppliers. Lack of resources and know-how prevent many marketing strategies from taking an integrated approach to promote their products, and ultimately fall short of their goals.

ColorPage has the expertise and resources to develop and implement
a fully integrated marketing strategy on-time, and within your budget.

Our 7 Step Integrated Marketing Strategy Approach

  1. Consultation (understand the need, resources, and commitment)
  2. Proposal and Contract Approval
  3. Discovery & Research (internal and external)
  4. Goals Defined
  5. Plan Development
  6. Implementation
  7. Results Tracking and Analysis

For a free consultation, contact: Frank Campagna at 800-836-7581, ext. 11.


Integrated MarketingWe help you define, target, and engage your customers using multiple channels which are all synchronized with a unified, measurable strategy in place. This integrated approach provides more than one touch-point to reach your customers, and therefore increases the readership and response rates of your advertised message  Using only one marketing channel is going to be less effective than using a multi-channel (cross-media) approach. Integration is not simply about using the same headline, colors, and images in your advertising medium…
An integrated marketing plan has all parts of your tactics working together. For example, if your marketing communications plan calls for print advertising, the same theme of your print ads should be reflected on your web site. If your customer gets the same message and visual clues in both places, they are much more likely to comprehend your marketing message. By doing this, you will build your brand with that customer who will remember you when they are ready to buy.

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