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Getting Direction from Above

ColorPage was asked to redesign the aisle signs at Mother Earth’s Storehouse in Kingston.  This popular market is known for providing the very best organic and all-natural products.  The market’s existing aisle signs lacked labeling and underutilized the branding opportunity. The ColorPage design team assessed the existing signage and provided a few design concepts for consideration. The result was custom aisle signage with bold aisle numbers and easy to read labeling.  In addition, the custom shape was routered to enhance the Mother Earth’s branding.

Before and after of the new and old aisle signs for Mother Earths Storehouse in Kingston New York

Before and After signs drafted and created by our in-house graphic designers.

We have all looked up at one time or another seeking answers and it’s for this reason that market aisle signs may be the most read signs by consumers compared to any other signage. With that said, getting it right is really important and will likely increase your bottom-line revenue. Properly labeled and branded aisle signs increase consumer awareness about your product offerings, strengthen your brand and improve your customers shopping experience. Clearly labeled aisle signage also makes shopping easier.  The main objective is to simplify the process of finding the desired items your store has to offer. By doing so you’ll be saving your store employees from having to constantly give directions as to where items are located. 

The labeling descriptions on your aisle signs should be easy to read with good contrast between the characters and the background color they appear on (generally black letters on white background work best). Your labels need to be large enough to be read from a distance and brief enough that the average reader can grasp the message quickly.  A good rule of thumb is for every ten feet in distance a reader is from your sign your character height needs to be one inch tall. So, for example if you want your customers to read your aisle sign labeling from thirty feet away the characters should be a least 3” tall.