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Elevate Your Direct Mail Print in 5 Dimensions

Make your Direct Mail Pieces Standout

One of the great things about direct mail is the many ways it engages the senses. This is something that cannot be replicated in the digital world and continues to make print an indispensable piece of the marketing puzzle. Here are 5 “dimensions” of print that you can use to engage and delight your audiences.

  1. Texture. Paper stock comes in many textures—from sleek coated stocks; to classic cottons, linens, and laids; to the raw, earthy feel of uncoated, unbleached stocks. Use texture to help tell your marketing story. Noone remembers a plane stock envelope, but people remember the thick embossed piece of mail media they received from ColorPage.
  2. Scent. Scent marketing is a growing industry that uses aroma as a subtle but highly effective marketing tool. Scents like coffee, cinnamon, and pine can be used to trigger emotion. When included inside the mailing envelope or direct mail piece, it can trigger positive associations and increase sales.
  3. Color. The use of color goes beyond ink on paper. Consider how colored envelopes and stocks can be used to make your message pop.  Want to create a particularly dramatic effect? Consider the impact of white text and graphics on black stock. POW! Most important however, make sure the colors match the look and feel not only that you want to portray, but that your customers expect from your brand.
  4. Video. There are many ways to send recipients to video in a printed piece. You can use augmented reality (AR), QR Codes to mobile video, even embedded video screens in the piece itself.  Print and video go great together. Video is great, but ensure that your video tells the recipient something they do not already know. In short, do not make a video that retells what is on your mail piece.
  5. Dimension. Nothing stands out in the mailbox like a piece of dimensional mail. Whether it is a thick envelope, a beautifully printed box, or a pop-up cube, anything beyond the typical flat mailer draws immediate attention and shouts “OPEN ME!” Recipients can’t wait to see what’s inside.

What makes the mail in the above photo unique is its relation to the season and its contents. Valentines day is just around the corner, so with many people focused on that they are more likely to be interested in and opening valentines themed mail pieces that arrive at their home. The second thing making this a unique mail piece is the physical contents. Those lollipops both weight more and take up more physical space then a regular envelope. Just like what is said above, if your mail has unique dimensions to it, people will be more inclined to open it to determine the contents.

What Print Is Not

Direct mail isn’t just four-color ink on plain stock anymore. It offers a multi-sensory experience that excites and engages your audience. Which one of these sensory experiences would benefit your next marketing campaign?